Break Down Your Move Into Bite-Sized Pieces

Moving is stressful. That's why we've broken down each moving task into bite-sized, interactive tasks that can be completed in a couple minutes.


Track Your Moving Inventory with Ease

We've gone through thousands of student moving lists to generate the perfect moving inventory list for you.

Want to add a new item like a blender or piano? Our app makes it easy to add new items and new categories.


Move Your Stuff

There's no need to crack open Google and Yelp to browse through hundreds of moving options.

It's all here. We've found places to get cheap moving boxes in your area, we've found the cheapest places to rent trucks, and if you're feeling lazy, we've found the best moving companies near you as well.


Don't Go a Day Without Internet

Find the best internet plan in your area by cutting through all the unnecessary jargon.

Trying to find the cheapest internet plan that covers your Netflix binges? We got you covered.


Update Your Address

With just a couple clicks, you can make sure that your subscriptions reach your new address thorugh our handy mail forwarding and account address updating tools.


Don't Forget Anything

Trying to find ways to protect your security deposit? Looking for free moving boxes near you? We have a library of moving tips sprinkled thorughout our app that help you save time and money.


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